INSTALLATION ART - CONCEPTUAL DESIGN ABOUT As humans, we are shaped by the world and the cultures around us. This environment fills our cognitive subconscious. Our sensory perceptions makes us aware and unique as individuals.
It is these sensory perceptions that fascinate me.
What do we see..? How do we see it..? And what shapes our individual oppinion..? Besides my fascination with sensory perception, I oftenwork with the subject 'space'. This can be both in the literal and/or in the figurative sense.
Space for me represents freedom. Freedom to be, to see, to feel but also to discover. This may or may not literal space I take often as the starting point of my work. I make sculptures, wearable objects, collages, conceptual ideas and / or temporary environments in response to everyday life. For me art, like everyday, something temporary and very much related to his / her context. Get your context path or get your work out his / her context, it is, in my opinion, time for new art.